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Trailer Train


RD#: DTTX 56606 / DTTX 56609

These 70’ husky stack well cars are yellow with black lettering and red herald and run on ASF Ride Control trucks. Built in early 1992, the 56575-56774 series DTTX well car accepted containers up to 48’ in length in its bottom well position. The Husky-Stack® well car was first introduced in 1990 at the International Intermodal Expo in Atlanta, GA.

**Pre-production sample shown

#135 00 011...$27.90
#135 00 012...$27.90

Friendship Train Series - Car #1

This 10-1-2 heavyweight sleeper car was part of the 1947 Friendship Train that collected food donated by Americans in cities all across the U.S. to be shipped to the people of France and Italy who desperately needed help following the end of World War II. Without involvement of the government, the food was loaded, transported by rail and truck and shipped overseas for free, due to the generosity of the American people and their businesses. The box cars traveled through eleven states from Los Angeles to New York City before reaching its final European destination.

#141 00 300...$26.95


RD#: CSXT 226680 / CSXT 226691

These 2-bay covered hoppers are beige with black lettering and run on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Built in 1970, this CSX class HC-41 cylindrical hopper was originally built for Western Maryland. After the formation of CSX, they were repainted and renumbered as series 226673-226720. Often used for grain commodities, these cars can still be seen across the rail network.

#092 00 351...$27.40
#092 00 352...$27.40

**Door hardware shown is included but does not come installed.

Nasa Series - Car #6

RD#: NLAX 4005

This 50’ rib side box car with double doors and no roofwalk is blue with black door and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. NLAX 4005 was the only boxcar used by NASA in Florida. Used to transport awkwardly sized or weather sensitive materials, this boxcar often contained parts for locomotive maintenance or components for large projects on the railroad.

#030 00 300...$28.95

Milwaukee Road

RD#: 837

This 70’ heavyweight baggage car is painted in the standard orange and maroon scheme common on Milwuakee passenger equipment. Built in 1893, this express baggage car was later upgraded from an all-wood construction to metal sheathing and equipped with a stove and oil lamps. This car also had the distinction of being one of the oldest express baggage cars on the Milwaukee roster when it was retired in the early 1950s.

#147 00 120...$30.80

New Haven

RD#: 5242

This 80’ heavyweight diner car is green with white lettering and runs on 6-wheel passenger trucks. Built in 1930 this all-steel diner car seated forty two people in the dining area, and housed a storage area and kitchen at one end. In the 1940s these cars were upgraded with new interiors and trucks.

#146 00 100...$29.95


RD#: TBBX 930924

This 89’ bi-level open autorack is yellow with black lettering and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. As one of the very first railroads to own multi-level auto flatcars, Frisco painted nearly all of their autoracks “Frisco” yellow with the black “coonskin” logo which served in this paint well into the 1980s. This bi-level rack was made with the option of being converted to a tri-level.

#112 00 540...$29.95

Cotton Belt®

RD#: SSW 84577

This 89’ bi-level open autorack is brown with white lettering and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Built in the mid-1960s, this autorack had its Paragon-made rack removed and was converted back into a flatcar by the late 1970s. As a major manufacturer of bi and tri-level racks, Paragon would often receive the flatcar from the manufacturer and install the pre-manufactured rack at their plant.

**Cotton Belt® is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad.

#112 00 550...$29.95

Donald J. Trump Presidential Car

RD#: 2017

This 40’ standard box car with plug door and no roofwalk is car #45 of a 45-car series representing each of the presidents of the United States. It bears the portrait of our 45th president, Donald J. Trump. The car comes with a commemorative pin replicated from this era with the campaign message of “Make America Great Again”.
Decals included for Obama and Trump service dates under car nest.

This item is not on standing orders

#074 00 145...$23.95


Shell Oil 4-pack

RD#: S.C.A.X. 622, 623, 625, 627

39’ Single Dome Tank Car

** Pre-Orders were taken for this in September 2016
© Shell Oil Company 2017

#993 00 125…$119.95



Great Northern Circus Series - Car #1

RD#: GN 18007

This 40’ standard box car with single door is orange with dark green lettering and runs on Bettendorf trucks. In an effort to develop a new paint scheme, Great Northern decorated a number of box cars in different experimental paint schemes in 1956 and sent them across the GN network for feedback. Due to the bright and gaudy colors, this group of cars were dubbed the “Circus Cars”.

#500 00 930...$25.95

Canadian National

RD#: 10329/10332

These 40’ wood reefers are green with yellow lettering and run on Bettendorf trucks. Built in 1915 and acquired by Canadian National in 1924, then renumbered in 1939, it was equipped with charcoal heaters in the London shops. Retired in 1960, this car was one of the last wood-sided reefers on the CN.

#518 00 411...$26.95
#518 00 412...$26.95

Denver & Rio Grande Western®

RD#: DRGW X-2905/X-2906

These 39’ single dome tank cars are aluminum with black lettering and run on Bettendorf trucks. Built in 1919, these tank cars eventually reached retirement age from revenue service and were placed in a MOW capacity for the D&RGW. In this capacity, they carried a supply of potable water for track outfit gangs and were finally retired in the late 1970s.

**DRGW® is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad.

#530 00 471...$23.50
#530 00 472...$23.50

Waddell Coal

RD#: WDLX Rd#101/102

These 33’ twin-bay hopper with rib sides are orange with bold white and black lettering and run on Bettendorf trucks. Built in the early 1920s, the Waddell Coal Mining Company used these cars to ship coal to loading docks along the line where the coal was distributed to local retailers. In 1951, Waddell leased a number of these O&W hoppers giving a few of them the “billboard hopper” paint scheme.

#534 00 081...$24.90
#534 00 082...$24.90


Trailer Train 4-pack

RD#: 56555, 56599, 56600, 56693

70’ Well Car

** Pre-Orders were taken for this in September 2016

#994 00 100…$109.95

Z Container 2-Packs

#761 00 260...ACL

(2 pack)...$19.95

#761 00 270...Matson

(2 pack)...$19.95


Linde Liquefied Gas 4-pack

All 4 cars come with tank load!
Pre-orders were taken for this in September 2016

#993 01 490...$119.95

**Renderings shown for representation only

ATSF Reefer ‘Slogan/Map’ 5-pack

** Pre-Orders were taken for this in September 2016

#993 01 480...$149.95

& Feburary Pre-Orders

It is common today to see miles of similarly marked tank cars snaking their way from the refineries to major distribution centers. As a safety measure, Buffer Cars, generally older covered hoppers, are placed at the head of the consist and at the rear providing crush space in case of an accident. This new 16-car set features two BNSF Airslide Hoppers converted to Buffer Cars and 14 modern CTCX tank cars giving the modeler a ready-to-run, movable pipeline for their layouts.

#993 01 540...$479.95

**Fuselages come painted with side windows decorated. Decals provided for front windows, nose and wing location details.
**Renderings shown for representation only

BNSF Fuselage Transportation 4-Pack

RD#: RDNumReplace

Boeing receives their fuselages and other assemblies from Spirit Aerosystems in Wichita, Kansas by rail. Fuselages are regularly in transit between Wichita and Renton to keep up Boeing’s production rate of more than forty 737’s per month. This 4-pack features four BNSF flat cars, two plastic-injection fuselages, two resin tool boxes and supporting brackets.

Accepting Pre-Orders through Febreuary 28 th - Coming July 2017

#993 01 560...$149.95

**Renderings shown for representation only

Great Northern Heavyweight 5-pack

Accepting Pre-Orders through February 28th - Coming June 2017

#993 01 570...$124.95

CSX® 3-pack

RD#: CSXT 600603, CSXT 600677, CSXT 600709

60’ Centerbeam Flat Car w/ ‘Opera Window’ Partition

Accepting Pre-Orders through February 28th - Coming July 2017

#993 00 130…$89.95

Pennsylvania Railroad 4-pack

RD#: Conestoga Rapids, Clearfield Rapids, Wills Rapids, Sangamon Rapids

83’ Lightweight Smoothside Sleeper Car

#994 00 102…$119.95

Accepting Pre-Orders through February 28 th - Please see www.micro-trains.com for release dates

The long wait is over! The issues with the chassis we use for our SW1500 have been resolved and we are now in a position to order them again. Prices have increased due to cost increases to the outsourced chassis. We’ll be accepting orders for the locomotives and logging set listed on both sides of this insert through the end of February. Please be sure to place your order with your dealer before this pre-order window closes. Availability of each scheme will be subject to sufficient pre-orders.

Our SW1500’s come DCC ready and will accept TCS MT 1500 and Digitrax DN-126M2 decoders.
LAST CALL! This collection of locomotives will likely be the last production run of the Micro-Trains SW1500 locomotive. Don’t miss your chance to own one of these unique engines.