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Burlington Northern Santa Fe

RD#: 808015/808022

These 50’ airslide hoppers are mineral brown with white lettering and run on 100-ton Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Built as part of series 808000-808099, these hoppers were removed from revenue service and re-stenciled for use as a buffer car in the late 1990s. Often seen separating locomotives from loaded ethanol or crude oil tank car unit trains, HAZMAT buffer cars are commonplace across the BNSF network.

#098 00 041...$29.75
#098 00 042...$29.75

Gulf Oil

RD#: WRNX 14132/14415

These 39’ single dome tank cars are black with large orange and yellow lettering on the sides. Built in 1930 these cars display reporting marks for Warren Petroleum Company which was acquired by Gulf Oil in 1953.

#065 00 900 (orange logo)...$26.90
#065 00 910 (yellow logo)...$26.90

Baltimore & Ohio®

RD#: 904000

This 31’ bay window caboose was repainted by B&O caboose historian Dwight Jones into a special scheme to honor the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad’s 175th Anniversary. Completed in November 2003 and named “Spirit of the B&O,” it is still seen on work trains and some local freights as it travels across the CSX system. It runs on Bettendorf Swing Motion trucks.

#130 00 180...$39.95

Per Diem Series - Car #11: East Camden & Highland

RD#: EACH 2455

This 50’ rib side box car with plug door and no roofwalk is orange with white horizontal band and black lettering and runs on Roller Bearing trucks. The East Camden and Highland Railroad is a Class 3 railroad and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Highland Industrial Park located near Little Rock, Arkansas.

#027 00 410...$27.95

NASA Series

RD#: NLAX 191

This 56’ general service tank car is black with white lettering and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Built in 1970 and transferred to NASA from the Department of Defense in August 1987, this tank car was used to store water in support of Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters up until the last shuttle flight in 2011.

#110 00 260...$28.95

New York Central

RD#: 2080

This 70’ heavyweight horse car is painted in the two-tone post-war gray scheme with white ‘New York Central’ letters. The roof is black and underframe is dark gray and runs on 6-wheel passenger trucks. These commuter coaches were often seen throughout the NYC system.

#145 00 130...$31.80

New Haven

RD#: NH 619

This 28-1 heavyweight parlor car is green with white lettering and runs on 6-wheel passenger trucks. In December 1949, New Haven converted heavyweight “Desiree” into commuter coach #619 as part of a program to replace aging commuter equipment with surplus heavyweight parlors. The car originally was part of a 12-car parlor series used in first-class service between Boston and Washington DC. New Haven rostered the second largest fleet of parlors among American railroads.

#143 00 100...$29.95

Union Pacific®

RD#: UP 518256

This 40’ hy-cube box car with single door is aluminum with yellow sides and large UP shield. Built in 1967 as part of series 518250-518263, these cars were assigned to consumer appliance service at the Whirlpool plant in Evansville, Indiana. They were equipped with DF-2 loaders, rated at 5028 cubic foot capacity, and adorned by UP’s colorful ‘Automated Railway’ logos.

#101 00 040...$35.90

Side A

Side B

Vintage Postcard Series- Car #9: 'Magical Greeting'

This car is the final of nine releases in the ‘Vintage Christmas Postcard Series’. This modified 40’ box car features vintage postcard artwork of a magical snowman greeting children on one side and a special postcard message from Micro-Trains on the other side.

#101 00 819...$23.95

N Missouri Pacific® - 4-Pack

RD#: 46866, 46894, 46944, 46978

40’ Standard Box Car, Single Door

#993 00 123…$99.95

**Pre-orders were taken for this in July 2016
**MP® is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad.




#980 01 011 (rd#1426)...$139.95
#980 01 012 (rd#1449)...$139.95


#980 02 011 (rd#1426)...$114.95
#980 02 012 (rd#1449)...$114.95


Union Pacific® Powered F7A and F7B Units

These powered F7 A&B units are one of the most recognizable locomotives. Painted yellow with aluminum stripe and red lettering, these were introduced in 1951 and joined a large F3 fleet. Truly a transition locomotive, however, the F7 only lasted for ten to eleven years before they were traded in for GP30’s, GP35’s and DD35’s.

New York, Susquehanna & Western

RD#: NYSW 501/505

These 40’ standard box cars with single door are painted dark green with yellow lettering and run on Bettendorf trucks. From a group of 24 cars built in 1936, it was painted in this scheme in 1964. The unique Susie-Q icon is dressed in her railroad outfit of blue and waves a red and yellow oncoming signal lamp. The NYSW connects with other roads including Conrail, CP Rail Systems, and Stourbridge Railroad.

#500 00 911...$25.80
#500 00 912...$25.80

Milwaukee Road w/ Coal Load

RD#: MILW 96340/96432

These 33’ twin bay hoppers with offset sides are freight car red with white lettering and herald and run on Bettendorf trucks. Built in 1948 as part of series 96000-96999, these hoppers were repainted in April 1956 with an updated ‘The Milwaukee Road’ herald in a tilted rectangle, and reporting mark rules were also added.

#533 00 141...$21.95
#533 00 142...$21.95

Pan Am - 4-Pack

RD#: 3313, 3320, 3345, 3352

50’ Rib Side Box Car, Single Door w/o roofwalk

#994 00 098 (4-pk)…$114.95

**Pre-orders were taken for this in July 2016


Union Pacific® Heavyweight 5-pack


Pair Window Coach

Pair Window Coach

28-1 Parlor Car

Observation Car

#993 01 470...$149.95

**UP® is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad.
**Pre-orders were taken for these items in July 2016


Ringling Bros.® Flats and Wagons

Rd. # 107...#139 00 021...$23.95

Rd. # 122...#139 00 022...$23.95

Rd. # 141...#139 00 023...$23.95

#470 00 249...$34.95

#470 00 259...$34.95

**Pre-orders were taken for these items in July 2016

& December 2016 PRE_ORDERS & SETS

Linde Liquefied Gas 4-Pack (all Cars come with a tank load!)

**Renderings shown for representation only

Accepting Pre-Orders through December 31 st - Coming May 2017

Linde is the industrial gas division of Union Carbide Company. They used exclusively designed 40’ box cars with an inner tank to transport a variety of their liquefied or cryogenic gases across the country. The inner tank was permanently installed and its design allowed the company to control the temperature of the gases for up to 30 days. Our 4-Pack features four of Linde’s many different paint schemes and each car will have a resin tank inside.

#994 01 180…$119.95

Army Heavyweight 5-pack

**Renderings shown for representation only

Accepting Pre-Orders through December 31 st - Coming May 2017

#993 01 520...$139.95

Civil War Era Merchants Despatch 4-pack

**Renderings shown for representation only

Accepting Pre-Orders through December 31 st - Coming May 2017

The Merchants Despatch Transportation Co. began moving freight in 1857 and had over 1,900 reefers by 1885. In 1887 MDT built a new manufacturing facility in Despatch, NY and expanded to over 6,600 cars by 1900. Even though the MDT factory could produce up to 36 cars a day, they still occasionally purchased cars from Pullman to keep up with the growing shipping demand. This pack includes 4 prototypical cars produced by MDT.

#993 01 530...$84.95

Accepting Pre-Orders through December 31 st - Coming May 2017

American Car and Foundry 3-pack

RD#: ACFX 87271, 87277, 87282

56’ Tank Car

#993 00 128…$89.95