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Coe Rail
RD#: CRLE 5533/5535

These 70’ husky stack well cars are brown with aluminum decks and white lettering and run on ASF Ride Control trucks. Built in the early 1990s, this 5400-5549 series Coe Rail Leasing well car accepted containers up to 48’ in length in its bottom well position.

#135 00 041...$28.90
#135 00 042...$28.90

Milwaukee Road

This 70’ heavyweight horse car is painted orange with maroon band and runs on 6-wheel passenger trucks. Built in the 1920s, this heavyweight all-steel horse car was used to transport valuable livestock between racetracks and training facilities during the 20s and 30s. The Milwaukee Road was a Class I railroad that eventually operated over 10,000 miles of track in the Midwest and Northwest United States from 1847 until 1980.

#149 00 120...$30.80

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
RD#: ATSF 43045

This 50’ standard box car with single door and no roofwalk is brown with white lettering and white door. This ATSF had its roofwalk removed, and was rebuilt and repainted at the Topeka Shops in 1974. Marked “XF Food Loading Only,” this Bx-69 class car was retired in the 1980s.

#077 00 260...$26.90

Norfolk Southern
RD#: TTGX 704533

This 89’ tri-level closed autorack is yellow with black lettering and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. This design became the universal standard for most railroads by the mid-1970s, as it prevents vandalism and pilferage and helps to protect vehicles from the elements and is commonly used to this day. Norfolk Southern is a Class I railroad serving 22 Eastern States across 36,000 miles of track.

#111 00 240...$44.95

Freindship Series - Car #4: Pennsylvania Railroad
RD#: RoadnumbeReplace

This 40’ steel box car with single door, murphy roof and side brake wheel is brown with white lettering and runs on Bettendorf trucks. The 1947 Friendship Train collected food donated by Americans in cities all across the U.S. to be shipped to the people of France and Italy who desperately needed help following the end of World War II. Ultimately, over 250 railcars of food and clothing were donated.

#120 00 270...$26.95

NASA Series - Car#9
RD#: NLAX 124

This 61’ bulkhead flat car is blue with white lettering and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. The only bulkhead flat car in the Kennedy Space Center system, this 170,000 pound capacity car was purchased from the Rock Island Railroad in 1984 and was used by NASA to transport large or awkward components in support of the Space Shuttle Program.

#054 00 220...$28.95

New Haven
RD#: ‘East Columbia’

This 12-1 heavyweight sleeper car is green with white lettering and runs on 6-wheel passenger trucks. The New Haven operated throughout New England until 1968 when it was merged with the Penn Central System.

#142 00 100...$29.95

Pittsburgh & Lake Erie
RD#: P&LE 63786

This 100-ton 3-bay open hopper with rib sides and coal load is black with white lettering and runs on Bettendorf trucks. Used in service between mines and steel mills in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, it was commonly seen carrying coke and coal. P&LE operated from Ohio to Pennsylvania and West Virginia from 1875 to 1993.

#108 00 350...$24.60

Canadian Pacific
RD#: 182914

This 36’ wood sheathed ice reefer with truss rods is brown with white lettering and runs on Arch Bar trucks. Built around the turn of the 20th century, this wood sheathed Canadian Pacific boxcar carries the “Shield R” symbol indicating refrigeration status. Originally built between Eastern Canada and British Columbia in the mid-1880s, CP would eventually own over 12,000 miles of track in Canada and the US.

#058 00 250...$24.30

Santa Fe

SFTU 281221/281366

These 48’ rib side containers are aluminum with black print and Circle Cross herald. Santa Fe was one of the pioneers of intermodal service, and these 48’ Santa Fe containers were commonly seen filling the space in the bottom position of intermodal well cars with equal-length or longer containers above them.

These items are not on standing order

#468 00 081...$16.95
#468 00 082...$16.95

Great Northern 4-pack
RD#: 75520, 75555, 75600, 75645

40’ Drop Bottom Gondola w/load

**Pre-orders were taken for this in March 2017

#993 00 131…$99.95


Circus Series - Car #4: Great Northern
RD#: GN 3345

This 40’ standard box car with double doors is grey with red/orange lettering and runs on Bettendorf trucks. In an effort to develop a new paint scheme, Great Northern decorated a number of box cars in different experimental paint schemes in 1956 and sent them across the GN network for feedback. Due to the bright and gaudy colors, this group of cars were dubbed the “Circus Cars”.

#501 00 240...$25.95

Denver & Rio Grande Western®
RD#: D&RGW 55098/55101

These 50’ gondolas with fishbelly sides and drop ends are black with white letting and run on Roller Bearing trucks. This mill gondola was purchased by Rio Grande in 1948, and was eventually seen in general service, coil steel service, copper bullion service, and even crated plate glass service. D&RGW was formed in 1870, and operated the highest mainline railroad in the United States through the Rockies in Colorado at an altitude of 10,240 feet.

**DRGW® is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad.

#522 00 311...$23.90
#522 00 312...$23.90

Northern Pacific
RD#: 81760/81778

These 40’ despatch stock cars are brown with white lettering and run on Bettendorf trucks. This 81750 – 81999 series stock car was heavily used across the Midwest and Northern states in the early part of the 20th century. As livestock demand continued into the 1960s, NP eventually modernized many of their old wood stock cars allowing them to serve into the 1970s.

#520 00 231...$22.90
#520 00 232...$22.90

Linde Liquefied Gas 4-pack

**Pre-orders were taken for this in December 2016

#994 01 180…$119.95

Civil War Era Merchants Despatch 4-pack


The Merchants Despatch Transportation Co. began moving freight in 1857 and had over 1,900 reefers by 1885. In 1887 MDT built a new manufacturing facility in Despatch, NY and expanded to over 6,600 cars by 1900. Even though the MDT factory could produce up to 36 cars a day, they still occasionally purchased cars from Pullman to keep up with the growing shipping demand. This pack includes 4 prototypical cars produced by MDT.

Pre-orders were taken for this item in December 2016

#993 01 530…$84.95

Army Heavyweight 5-pack

**Renderings shown for representation only
**Pre-orders were taken for this item in December 2016

#993 01 520...$139.95

MAY N & Z SCALE Pre-Orders

Ringling Bros.® Ad Car Singles

Throughout the years Ringling Bros.™ used a variety of advertising, or ‘ad’ cars, that traveled with the train or in advance of the train to promote the coming show. These two single cars are based on real Ringling ad cars and are the first two of six that will be offered in the months ahead.

#148 00 200.....$33.95

#143 00 200.....$33.95

Accepting Pre-Orders Thru May 31st - Coming September 2017
**Renderings shown for representation only.

*Renderings shown for representation only.

New N Union Pacific® 8-Pack
RD#: 18405, 18412, 18418, 18420, 18432, 18456, 18487, 18493

Accepting Pre-Orders Thru May 31st - Coming October 2017

100-Ton 3-Bay Open Hopper, Rib Sides, w/ Coal Load

**UP® is a registered trademark of the Union Pacific Railroad.

#993 00 814…$184.95

***Renderings shown for representation only.

Trailer Train 3-pack
RD#: 56811, 56812, 56816

Accepting Pre-Orders Thru May 31st - Coming October 2017

70’ Husky Stack Well Car

#993 00 133…$84.95