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GATX - rd# 141000 - Rel. 4/24

GATX - rd# 141000 - Rel. 4/24
GATX - rd# 141000 - Rel. 4/24

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GATX - rd# 141000 -  Rel. 4/24

General American Transportation Corporation, now known simply as GATX, is a large railcar leasing company, with over 122,000 railcars in the fleet. GATX invests in programs that minimize their environmental impact, and they “strive to take a leadership position in voluntary environmental initiatives by working proactively with government agencies, environmental groups and industries.” This boxcar, LRS 141000, advertises GATX’s environmental position with the headline “Shipping by Rail Helps Reduce Greenhouse Emissions” along with a stylized GATX logo with the planet earth inside.

MSRP $51.98

Pre-ordered in September 2023

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  • Model: 123 00 080
  • Weight: 0.20lb
  • Dimensions: 5.00in x 5.00in x 1.25in
  • SKU: 12300080
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