#107 Series 65’ Mill Gondola Bulletin


For Those who have purchased our first #107 00 000 65’ Mill Gondola release:


Micro-Trains has determined that the Truck selected for this all-new release is not performing correctly.  The truck side frames conflict with the gondola’s stirrups, which can lead to the car derailing.  To the entire N scale model railroad community, we sincerely apologize for this embarrassing situation.


Micro-Trains is taking swift, corrective action to correct the interference between the truck and stirrups, to ensure all future releases of our 65’ 70-Ton Mill Gondola, perform flawlessly.


For those of you who have purchased our first release, #107 00 011 ATSF Mill Gondola, we will make available replacement truck side frames, that we can send to you, to update your Micro-Trains Mill Gondola.


To receive replacement truck side frames, please contact either mtl@micro-trains.com or sara@micro-trains.com to confirm the number of gondolas you’ve purchased of our first release and please provide your complete mailing address and we will send you the truck side frames.


Again, please accept our apology for this unfortunate situation with the initial truck side frames used on our first release.  Micro-Trains prides itself in the design, tooling and production of prototypically accurate, well-performing, N scale model trains.   As much we value your interest and patronage in our full line of model trains.