Talent 2020 Fire Update

October 1st, 2020

To all who donated to the Micro-Trains’ Employee Fire Relief Fund, THANK YOU!

The fire that ripped through our community back on September 8th was devastating.  Your donations were a tremendous help and blessing to our six employees and their families, who lost their homes in the fire.  As a company, Micro-Trains is extremely grateful for this outpouring of support from the model railroading community, which gave just over $40,000 to these families.  Please accept our most sincere appreciation for your generous support to our employees following this very unfortunate event.  We also want to give special thanks to Ken Yohe for setting up the GoFundMe account and for the N Scale Enthusiast for promoting it on their website.


Lastly, we appreciate your understanding with some delays that have been a result of the plant being shut down for a week due to the fire.  We are doing all we can to get our scheduled products out as soon as possible.

The Entire Micro-Trains Crew

September 15, 2020

Dear Dealer and Consumer,

On Tuesday, September 8th a fire a few miles south of our factory began in the city of Ashland and due to strong winds, it quickly spread to city of Talent, Phoenix and parts of Medford.  Micro-Trains evacuated by 2:30pm and by that evening much of Talent and Phoenix were destroyed.  While our hearts are very heavy for those in our community who have lost their homes and businesses, we are grateful to report that the Micro-Trains factory was unharmed. Sadly, six of our own Micro-Trains employees lost their homes to this fire, and they had little-to-no time to remove possessions from their homes. 

A ‘GoFundMe’ account was setup for these six employees by a dedicated member of the N Scale Enthusiast and it raised over $26k!  Micro-Trains and its employees are extremely thankful to all of those who donated to this fund over the past week.  The generosity and quick response from the model railroading community to help during this time has been an overwhelming blessing to all of us!  Thank you!

The factory has been without power and water until yesterday, Monday, 9/14.  Our phone lines are not operational at this time, but we are told they should be restored in the next couple days.  We will ship September product this week and hope to ship mid-September product next week.  We apologize for these delays and appreciate your patience as we work to get back to our normal schedule.

Thanks again for all who have expressed thoughts and prayers for all of us here and for those who have donated to our employees.  Your support is greatly appreciated by all of us.

If you would like to donate to the employees who lost their homes and contents, here is the link to the Go Fund Me for Micro-Trains Employees Who Lost Their Homes in Almeda Fire

Ben Thielemann
Marketing Director
Micro-Trains Line Co.