Z Scale Pre-Order Program Announcement

To better meet demand for our Z scale product, beginning January 1st, 2020, Micro-Trains will begin taking pre-orders for all Z scale product releasing June 2020 and beyond. Pre-orders will be taken every other month for 30-days for Z product releasing 4-5 months after the end of the pre-order window. Please review the following key points.

  • Z Standing Orders and release method will continue as-is through May 2020.
  • Z Pre-Orders placed to-date and through December ’19 are not affected by this coming change.
  • Z product will continue to release every month after May 2020, they will just be pre-ordered versus being offered ‘sight-unseen’.
  • The first pre-order will be taken in January ’20 for Z product releasing in June and July ’20.
  • Target release dates will be subject to change.
  • Pre-Orders that come in too low may be cancelled.
  • Z Weathered cars will not be Pre-Ordered. They will be offered the same way they are currently.
  • Z Monthly Series Cars will not be Pre-Ordered, but will be placed on a Standing Order.
  • All Pre-Ordered items will have renderings and pricing shown in the Micro-News and MTL website.

We believe this method will be best for consumers, dealers and Micro-Trains. Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding this coming change.