Liberty Town

Liberty Town

Liberty Town-Main St. USA Resin Pieces


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Liberty Railroad Train Set

N Scale Liberty Train Set includes FT powered locomotive, 2 troop sleeper cars, 1 troop kitchen car..

Prod. Code 993 21 030


Liberty Town USA Set 9 pieces

Liberty Town- Main Street USA set includes 9 pieces. Set includes Banker's House, Church, Foun..

Prod. Code 960 00 121


Liberty Town Banker's House

Just down the tree-lined street from the Mayor's house is the Town Banker's house. With its ..

Prod. Code 960 07 027


Liberty Town Church

You can almost hear the church bells ringing from the steeple of this rural, small town chapel. Pane..

Prod. Code 960 07 021


Liberty Town Fountain

Our Town Square Fountain is the perfect place to pitch a penny and make a wish. Granite curbstones a..

Prod. Code 960 09 071


Liberty Town Freedom Hall

The citizens of Liberty Town are most proud of their city hall where the mayor presides and all the ..

Prod. Code 960 07 022


Liberty Town Main St #2- Emporium

Liberty Town shoppers flock to Main Street to visit their favorite stores. On this side of the stree..

Prod. Code 960 07 025


Liberty Town Main Street #1 Soda Shop

All of Liberty Town's shops are located on the main street. On this side of the street Pop's..

Prod. Code 960 07 024


Liberty Town Mayor's House

A Liberty Town landmark, this beautiful Queen Anne style house is where the town's esteemed Mayo..

Prod. Code 960 07 026


Liberty Town Patriot Park

On warm summer evenings, the townspeople pack a picnic and enjoy the Liberty Town band that plays in..

Prod. Code 960 09 072


Liberty Town Train Station

Life in Liberty Town revolves around its train station. The town clock and American flags blowing in..

Prod. Code 960 07 023


Liberty Town Center Base

The center base is an accent display piece for the Liberty Town USA 9 piece village set.FedEx ground..

Prod. Code 960 05 005