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New York Central - Rd#498994 - Rel.5/24

New York Central - Rd#498994 - Rel.5/24
New York Central - Rd#498994 - Rel.5/24

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New York Central - Rd#498994 - Rel.5/24 

This heavyweight depressed center fl at car with buckeye trucks was built in July of 1961 and featured a 21’ long depressed center section. The car was used to transport bulky and heavy industrial loads, such as large dimensional loads, electrical transformers, and construction equipment, with the depressed center allowing for a few feet of additional vertical clearance. New York Central was a Class 1 Railroad founded in 1853 and operated until 1968, when it was merged with long-time rival Pennsylvania, to form Penn Central.

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  • Model: 109 00 021
  • Weight: 0.20lb
  • Dimensions: 5.00in x 1.50in x 1.00in
  • SKU: 10900021
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