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Norfolk Southern Weathered MOW 5-pk

Coming 12/21 

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Most every railroad in North American has an extensive network of track that requires constant maintenance, sometimes far from home. This train set represents a typical deployed residential train that would be located on a siding and provide living quarters, power and supplies to the crew for extended periods of time. The Norfolk Southern MOW set includes 3 flatcars, one gondola and a 50’ boxcar, plus parts to complete the train.  This multi media kit includes a combination of resin castings, 3D printed accessories and laser cut detail parts.  The train consists of two crew trailers, one mobile generator car, a gondola with a load and a boxcar with a modified roll up door.  The freight cars will come fully decorated and weathered, ready to run on your layout.

pre-ordered in July 2021

Norfolk Southern Weathered MOW 5-pk -Rel. 12/21

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