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Swift "Weathered" 16-Pack - Rel. 01/20

N Scale Swift "Weathered" 16-Pack

Swift and Company, founded in 1855, has always been known for their distinctive fleet of red ice refrigerator cars seen traversing North America since the early 1950’s.   Many of the wood sheathed reefers in their fleet were built during the late 1920’s and over time underwent several paint schemes and mechanical modifications that lasted well into the mid-1960’s.  Micro-Trains’ latest multi-car release represents the 6100-6599 series of 36’ Reefers with the vertical brake staff.  This 16-car packs is ‘Weathered’  with unique road numbers that make creating a realistic fleet of Swift reefers possible.

Pre-Ordered July 2019-August 2019

Swift "Weathered" 16-Pack - Rel. 01/20

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