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Southern Pacific Rd# 901250 - Rel. 04/24

Southern Pacific Rd# 901250 - Rel. 04/24
Southern Pacific Rd# 901250 - Rel. 04/24

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Southern Pacific Rd# 901250 - Rel. 04/24       

This 89’ flatcar with Barber Roller Bearing trucks was built in 1978 by ACF and set up for TOFC service for Denver & Rio Grande Western. D&RGW was formed in 1870 and operated the highest mainline railroad in the United States through the Colorado Rockies at an altitude of 10,240 feet.

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  • Model: 071 00 140
  • Weight: 0.20lb
  • Dimensions: 5.00in x 1.50in x 1.00in
  • SKU: 07100140
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