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Seaboard Air Line - Rd# 25303 - Rel. 2/24

Seaboard Air Line - Rd# 25303 - Rel. 2/24
Seaboard Air Line - Rd# 25303 - Rel. 2/24

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Seaboard Air Line - Rd# 25303 - Rel. 2/24

This 40’ PS-1 boxcar was built for Seaboard Air Line in 1952. Seaboard used this car to ship beer from a Florida manufacturing facility, which necessitated the all-silver paint to help control interior temperatures. Seaboard Air Line merged with Atlantic Coast Line in 1967, forming the Seaboard Coast Line. The SCL merged with several other smaller roads, such as the Louisville & Nashville, and was then known as the Family Lines. In 1982, the Seaboard System name was adopted, and in 1987, the Seaboard System railroads merged with Chessie System to form CSX Transportation.

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