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Buckeye Rlr Brg 6-whl Trk, w/o cplr (1180)(1pr)

Buckeye Rlr Brg 6-whl Trk, w/o cplr (1180)(1pr)
Buckeye Rlr Brg 6-whl Trk, w/o cplr (1180)(1pr)
Buckeye Rlr Brg 6-whl Trk, w/o cplr (1180)(1pr)
Buckeye Rlr Brg 6-whl Trk, w/o cplr (1180)(1pr)
Buckeye Rlr Brg 6-whl Trk, w/o cplr (1180)(1pr)

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Buckeye Roller Bearing 6-wheel Truck, without coupler

These Roller Bearing Buckeye trucks are direct replacements for the MTL 137 00 000 DODX flat car.  They can be used on other appropriate freight cars but you will may to shorten the height of the bolster to get the car to the correct ride and coupler height.   This package contains both the replacement 137 00 000 bolster pin as well as the standard MTL bolster pin, bushing and washer parts.  The Trucks have MTL 36” plastic wheel sets installed. 

Install Micro-Trains trucks with original or supplied bolster pins.  Trucks should wobble slightly. Do not push pins in too tightly as it may cause binding and poor performance.  When using MTL standard bolster pins be sure the wheel axles clear the top of the pin.

For body mounting couplers you will need to use the MTL 1055 coupler height gauge and Coupler Conversion Charts at to determine which coupler most closely matches your needs.   Some filing and relocating the bolster on your non-MTL car may be necessary so be sure to consult prototype information for that location.

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  • Dimensions: 5.00in x 2.75in x 0.75in
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