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Robot Christmas Train Set FOAM/JEWEL - Rel. 10/23

N ScaleRobot Christmas Train Set - Coming 10/23       This set will be offered in a combination of Jewel Case and Family Foam Nest packaging.  The locomotive and caboose in each set will be packaged in jewel cases.  The gondolas with fully decorated robot loads will be packaged in a custom cut family foam nest.  MSRP $249.95Micro-Trains Line is celebrating Christmas this year by featuring a new collectable train set that brings back the charm and wonder of the early 20th century tin type toys. Designed as a Robot repair train, three brightly colored robot-man cars are carrying vital bits and pieces to keep toys running long past Christmas morning. The set includes a brightly decorated locomotive and caboose to set your train in motion.*packaged in family foam nest and jewel casesSet includesFT Locomotive, three 40' gondolas with robot loads, 36' Steel CaboosePre-Ordered in July 2023..

Prod. Code 993 21 386


Hobo Spider Express Set - Rls. 9/21

N Scale Hobo Spider Express Set - Coming  9/21 MSRP $ 239.95*Spiders on locomotive comes uninstalled.This item was pre-ordered in June 2021..

Prod. Code 993 21 350