Haunted Hamlet

Haunted Hamlet

Haunted Hamlet Village Decorated Resin Pieces

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Haunted Hamlet 'Cider Shack Cafe'

You can almost smell baked apples wafting from this cozy little café where bushels of brightl..

Prod. Code 960 07 012


Haunted Hamlet 'Creepy Critters Pet Shop'

You'll find more than cute little puppies at the Creepy Critters Pet Shop. Delightfully detailed..

Prod. Code 960 07 013


Haunted Hamlet 'Ghostly Spirits' Tavern

This is one bar where everyone is ‘dying' to know your name. This quaint Tudor-style taver..

Prod. Code 960 07 014


Haunted Hamlet 'Nightmare Factory'

Bricked over windows and clock tower welcome visitors to our Nightmare Factory. The loading dock is ..

Prod. Code 960 07 017


Haunted Hamlet 'Spooky Hollow Tree'

Spooky Tree is the ominous focal piece of Haunted Hamlet. It features an exquisite hollowed out tree..

Prod. Code 960 09 063


Haunted Hamlet 'Spooky's Costume Shop

Creepy costumes are no problem at Spooky's Costume Shop. Skeletons, witches, mummies, and ghosts..

Prod. Code 960 07 018


Haunted Hamlet Center Base

This center base complements the Haunted Hamlet 12 piece village setFedEx ground shipping costs to 4..

Prod. Code 960 05 004