UP Recall

Dear Dealer / Customer,


It has come to our attention that the grey colors used on our recent release of the Union Pacific® Heavyweight Observation Car (#144 00 190) were incorrect. We are very sorry for this error.

We will replace all UP Observation cars that are returned to our factory before Monday, June 4th, 2018 . Shipments received with post marks after June 4th, 2018 are not guaranteed replacement.

Customers, please contact us for free postage prior to returning your car to us. Do not send your car to your dealer, send them to our factory. See mailing instructions below. If you want a refund instead of a replacement, you will need to return the car through the dealer you purchased it from.

Dealers, please contact us for information and questions about returning these cars.

Again, we apologize for this error and inconvenience. We anticipate having the replacement cars ready to ship by July or August ’18.

If you have not ordered this car yet, we will accept orders for the correctly painted UP observation car effective tomorrow; Wednesday, 3/21/18.

New Car w/ correct color: #144 00 191 Union Pacific - target rel. July/Aug.’18


  • Contact Micro-Trains at (800) 422-5526 or via email at mtl@micro-trains.com for a prepaid return label that can be emailed or mailed to you.

  • Affix the prepaid return label to the box containing your return.

  • Do not include delivery confirmation or insurance. The package will be trackable with the preprinted label.

  • Send package via United States Postal Service only.