Santa Fe Fast Mail Express Train- Coming 06/20


N Scale Santa Fe Fast Mail Express Train

Coming 06/20

In the days before the convenience of air-mail, the internet or cell phones, Santa Fe’s Fast Mail Express Train was a critical link that worked alongside the United States Post Office to transport high priority mail and packages. Parcels such as breaking news, periodicals, fresh seafood and fruit, and company mail and materials generally could not wait for shipment in standard freight services. In the mid-1940s, Train No. 7 was the main east-west Fast Mail Express train, running from Chicago to Los Angeles with an assortment of baggage cars, RPO’s, an express boxcar and a coach (or “rider” car) for paying passengers.

8 Mail/Baggage Cars


50' Box Car

Parlor/Coach Car

Pre-ordered January 2020

Santa Fe Fast Mail Express Train- Coming 06/20

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