Micro-Trains Line Response to Chinese Factory Closing

Dear Micro-Trains authorized Retailers and Consumers,

In light of the recent unfortunate announcement of a prominent Chinese model train manufacturer going out of business, and the impact this has caused to the model train industry in the United States, Micro-Trains felt it is important to share the following regarding our business.

The only product of ours which is produced by this Chinese manufacturer is our N scale FT locomotive powered chassis. Currently we have an adequate supply of these chassis on-hand to fulfill our recently announced locomotive and train set releases for several months. Our hope is that we’ll have the FT chassis tooling moved to a new factory long before we run out of stock.

All Micro-Trains Line N & Z scale rolling stock, trucks, couplers, tools and related accessories are manufactured at our factory here in Talent, Oregon, and will remain available as usual.

Thank you for your continued interest and patronage; all of us at Micro-Trains appreciates it very much.

Eric D Smith
Micro-Trains Line Co.
July 31, 2018