Contact Dealer QUAX Salvage w/ 'Boxcar' - rd#281102 Rel. 12/18

QUAX Salvage w/ 'Boxcar' - rd#281102

Redstreak Specialized Railcar Services (QUAX) has a fleet of 89’ flat cars that feature adjustable bolster pedestals and specialized retainment devices so they can safely load, transport and unload damaged railcars and their trucks, increasing the likelihood of repair. Redstreak rents or leases these cars to most Class 1 railroads and many shortlines, making these cars likely to be found nearly anywhere in the country carrying a variety of damaged railcars.

'Weathered' Flat with Damaged Boxcar

Pre-ordered in July 2018

QUAX Salvage w/ 'Boxcar' - rd#281102 Rel. 12/18

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