Contact Dealer DODX Flat Car Red 3pk Rel. 09/18

N Scale DODX Flat Car Red 3pk

Commissioned by the Department of Defense, Fruit Growers Express (FGE) produced a multi-
purpose 68’ flat car in 1981 designed to carry the weight of one M1 Abram tanks.  DODX painted and marked these cars in various schemes and they can still be found in long consists today.  This all-new body style will feature a finely detailed deck with vehicle tie-down channels, mounting points for containers, an all-new underframe as well as new 4-wheel DODX Barber Roller Bearing trucks and body-mounted couplers.   Each flat car will come with our new plastic injection molded, easy-to-build kits of the M1 Abram tank with chain tie-downs!

DODX Flat Car Red 3pk Rel. 09/18

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