Farm-to-Table N Reefer Series

Farm-to-Table N Reefer Series

Moving perishables by rail began in the mid 19th century in an effort to move dressed meats beyond local urban markets. As technology advanced, by the early 20th century, anything could be quickly transported from farms to kitchens across the country. These wood-sided ice reefers were dominant revenue earners for almost 100 years until mechanical refrigeration became practical, and they also served as rolling billboards for the companies. Our series will feature twelve unique and colorful ‘produce’ reefers. Contact your dealer to place your order today.

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Farm-to-Table #1 N - Monarch Foods - Rel. 2/19 Contact Dealer

Farm-to-Table #1 N - Monarch Foods - Rel. 2/19

N Scale Monarch Foods Rd#14290This 40’ double-sheathed wood reefer with vertical brake wheel is grey..

Prod. Code 049 00 300