Magne-Matic Coupler® 50th Anniversary Celebration Drawing


November Drawing = Ryan A. (Mesa, Arizona)
October Drawing = Robert J. (San Jose, California)
September Drawing = Michael S. (Berkeley, California)
August Drawing = Roderick B. (Tacoma, Washington)
July Drawing = Shawn R. (North Little Rock, Arkansas)
June Drawing = Don M. (Lake Saint Louis, Missouri)
May Drawing = Mary M. (Thompson Falls, Montana)
April Drawing = Bob N. (Wooster, Ohio)
March Drawing = William R. (Windsor, Ontario)

Join us in our year-long celebration of the 50th Anniversary of our Magne-Matic® coupler!  To celebrate this significant milestone, Micro-Trains will do a monthly drawing giveaway each month through the end of the year!




Anyone 12 years old and up can participate in the drawing.  No purchase is necessary.  Only one entry per person allowed for the entire drawing period (thru December’19).  One participant will be randomly drawn each month. Micro-Trains employees are not eligible.

Participants can enter the drawing by mailing in the entry form or online at the Micro-Trains website. There is no advantage by submitting entries digitally or by mail-in. Once entered into the drawing, participants will remain in the drawing unless they are drawn as a winner. Once drawn as a winner, their entry will be removed and they cannot reenter the drawing in future months. Entries can be submitted March 1st through November 15th, 2019.  The last drawing will be conducted during the end of November and announced December 1st.

All participants must agree to let MTL advertise their name as the winner in the Micro-News flyer, MTL website and Facebook, if drawn. Prizes will be shipped out to winners during the first half of each month, with the Anniversary Car shipping to winners during September through December.

Click here to enter the drawing online now.
Or enter by mail using this printable entry form.

History of the Magne-Matic Coupler

Fifty years ago, in 1969, Keith and Dale Edwards patented the design for the N scale Magne-Matic coupler in the month of September. The introduction of the Magne-Matic coupling system revolutionized the industry, offering the first ‘hands-free’ coupling, uncoupling and delayed-action recoupling system. The modeler could now have complete control over their train, operating solely from their control panel. Over the years, Micro-Trains has also produced many Magne-Matic coupler conversions to allow rolling stock and locomotives from other manufacturers to be converted over to the Magne-Matic system. This year, Micro-Trains will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the N scale coupler in various ways throughout the year. Stay tuned each month as we recognize and celebrate the legacy of the Magne-Matic Coupler!

Drop-off, pick up and switch cars just like the rail yard.
Hands-free coupling and uncoupling.
Smooth, trouble-free performance.
An industry standard, most realistic looking couplers for N, Z and Nn3 scales.
There's a full selection of couplers to fit most model trains.