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Presidential Series - N Scale

Question for April: Which President had a leg infection in high school that almost required leg amputation, was an avid oil painter, was the first supreme commander of NATO, and championed the formation of the Interstate Highway System?

*All answers must be submitted by email to mtl@micro-trains.com by the 15th to be eligible.


Congratulations to March's Presidential Trivia Question Winners

Wayne S. - Onatario, Canada
Rick F. - NJ
Mark W. - TX
Fred S. - HI
Kenneth B. - TX

MTL thanks all who participated!


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        Side B

Win a Free Limited Edition Presidential Series Freight Car!

That’s right; if you think you know the answer to the trivia question, submit your answer by email to mtl@micro-trains.com for a chance to win a Presidential ‘Oath of Office’ Car for free!  This limited edition car will display the Presidential Oath of Office and the signatures of all the Presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama.  Micro-Trains will award 5 lucky winners with this limited edition car each month!

So How Exactly Will This Work?

We’ll use the first month’s ‘mystery’ president (the July release) for an example:

  1. The June Micro-News/Web will announce the release of the June Presidential Car, but will also include a trivia question about the July Presidential Car.
  2. You submit your answers to the question by email to mtl@micro-trains.com no later than the 15th of that month (so June 15th in this example).
  3. You must include your first and last name and mailing address so we can ship the car directly to you if your name is selected in the drawing.
  4. All correct answers submitted by the 15th of the month will be entered into the drawing for a free Presidential Oath of Office Car.
  5. Five names will be drawn as the winners for the month of July.  All other entries will be discarded.
  6. If your name is drawn, you will be notified by email the first business day after the 15th and will receive your free car direct from Micro-Trains during the month of its release.
  7. Your first name, last initial and state will be posted on our website for 30 days as one of our five winners for that month.
  8. This process will be repeated each month.

Rules and Conditions

  • Only one answer can be submitted per person per month.
  • The answer must be correct to be eligible for the drawing for that month.
  • A correct answer from a previous month does not make you eligible for drawings in future months, you must submit a correct answer each month to be eligible for the drawing each month.
  • The email must include the person’s first and last name and mailing address.
  • The email must be submitted prior to the 15th of each month regardless what day of the week the 15th falls on.
  • Once a participant wins a Presidential Oath of Office Car they become ineligible to win another Oath of Office Car in future months.
  • Micro-Trains Line Co. reserves the right to modify these rules and conditions at any time.

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