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In honor of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, Micro-Trains has joined forces with the Smithsonian Institution® to bring you the next exciting new series in N scale, the 'Smithsonian Civil War Series'! This 12-month specialty series will commemorate significant events throughout the war which will be featured on our modified 40' Hy-Cube Box Cars using vintage artwork from the Smithsonian's historical collections. This series will also include a caboose and diesel locomotive and will begin this September with the Battle of Fort Sumter Car. Contact your local dealer today to reserve this series!

Civil War Series
Battle of Fort Sumter
#101 00 701...$24.95
Civil War Series
Battle of Bull Run
#101 00 702...$24.95
Civil War Series
Battle of Hampton Roads
#101 00 703...$24.95
Civil War Series
Battle of Shiloh
#101 00 704...$24.95
Civil War Series
Great Locomotive Chase
#101 00 705...$24.95
Civil War Series
Battle of Antietam
#101 00 706...$24.95
Civil War Series
Emacipation Proclamation
#101 00 707...$24.95
Civil War Series
Battle of Gettysburg
#101 00 708...$24.95
Civil War Series
Battle of Vicksburg
#101 00 709...$24.95
Civil War Series
Sherman's March
#101 00 710...$24.95
Civil War Series
Surrender at Appomattox
#101 00 711...$24.95


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